Sunday, February 12, 2017

Photo update: Kala Ghoda Street Festival 2017,Mumbai

This is the third consecutive year I got an opportunity to visit Kala Ghoda Street Festival, Mumbai and was thrilled with the art installations. I visited Rampart Row on the last day of the festival. A large statue of a black horse (Kalal Ghoda) is added at the start of the lane. And it seems horse is the theme this year. You can easily spot different works of arts modeled on a horse structure.

Here then, is the Kala Ghoda Street Festival 2017, through my lens.
The new statue of Kala Ghoda (black horse) at the start of the street

TREE OF HOPE - The installation celebrates the phenomenon of human life having the power to regnite life into others through organ donation

A unique statue of a horse made out of green leaves.

THE DARK HORSE RESURRECTS - The installation is a visual metaphor that beautifully captures the essence of personal drive, passion and an appetite for freedom that carries one through life.

The Tadka for perfect life - A hourse's figure made out of taming the tadka-filled LG hing bottles,symbolizing a break-away from the mundane and the monotomy, stands tall grabbing eyeballs at the kala Ghoda Street.

I look forward to see  Kala Ghoda Festival in the coming years with more great art.